Buy your own Free Footie Soccer team for 2018/2019 or help for as little as $5!!!

One of the best ways you can help our kids is to sponsor a Free Footie team. Your donation helps pay for the equipment and transportation for 15 kids to get on the field.  In return your logo goes front and centre on the jerseys. Below is a sample of what your team's jerseys would look like. 

Every year we expand to provide more  soccer to more kids in need.  This year we expect to reach 3,000 kids over over 4 seasons of soccer (fall, winter, spring and summer).  We  are also working hard to add a meal program, so kids get great exercise, great fun and great food. 

You can also help by  providing a  donation of $5 to buy a pair of soccer socks or help cover the cost of buses to and from a game. Check out the drop down menu below the photos. 

1 season = $1,000

2 seasons = $2,000

3 seasons = $2,500

4 seasons = $3,500

How many seasons would you like to sponsor a team for?

You can also mail a cheque to:

Free Footie Soccer Society


 Edmonton, AB

T5J 2J1

Please note, we are not a registered charity, we are a non-profit society. Unfortunately, we can not provide a tax receipt. We will also need a high resolution copy of your logo emailed to 

Here's what your team logo could look like!

Buy Shingurds, Socks or pay for a Bus

For $5 you can buy a pair of socks, shinguards or sponsor a bus trip to and from a game. Please see the drop down menu for other opportunites.

Please Donate Here - $1,000 for a team or $5 gets a kid started

Choose what you would like to donate:

Free Footie would not be possible without the generous support of our major sponsors